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Monday, March 31, 2014

Thank U My Dear Himawari

Thank u may dear himawari Atira Laila. Remember, the apple never falls far from the tree. Ini adalah kutipan tulisan Atira Laila dalam blognya.

There are some sorts of people who might have the tendency of doing something weird . For me and the other two Lailas ; which are Mom & elder sis , we are really affectionate to naming our favorite objects (including animals but animals are obviously not an object & usually have names anyway) especially our cars . Well , for me it’s not just my car but I also named all of my favorite Kuma Kuma toy series that I collected since I was a kid , and I named my dolls , my mobile phones , laptops and anything that I thought ; “it would be very nice if they have a name” .

You see , most of the times I like to treat my beloved things as my pets ; a non-living one . Perhaps this kind of behavior comes from my mom . She has a very deep feeling to each one of her cars , and sometimes ; home and plants . She talks to her cars like they’re her cats and cries a lot when she have to sell one or trade in it with the other new car . It does sound funny , and it is super hilarious in reality but it’s one of the cutest facts about my mom .

I don’t know much about the first two cars Mom bought because I was too little to remember or even care about those pint-sized things . When I was in primary school , I met mom’s third car – I think; a pitch black Proton (I can’t really summon up if it’s Saga or any other Proton’s products but I do recall it was a box-like car) after she trade in her maroon Perodua Kancil – and she cried so hard like a heavy rain with thunderstorm as she had to leave the petite car . Mom called it ‘Hitam’ which means ‘black’ in Malay .

After I went to further my study in diploma , Mom made a surprise by showing her new car – when she came to give me a visit , a white Proton Saga which was quite famous throughout that year . It was more round-in-shape . Mom called it ‘Putih’ (white) , but then we decided to call it Shiro ; which also means white but in Japanese , and of course it is the name of Shin Chan’s puppy .

Shiro stayed with us for 3 or 4 years I think but then after a few unexpected occurrences ; Mom gave it to her sister and she brought home a dark green Honda City . It is a classic one but still in a good condition . Well not fully ; there are some problems we had to fix . For this ancient beauty , Mom decided to call it Adudu .

For your information , Adudu is a fictional character from the famous Malaysian cartoon ; Boboiboy . He is the main antagonist and he is green . Yes , you heard right . He is a green alien . I don’t know much about the character or the cartoon itself – as I’m not that interested to watch it anyway . . . but once again , Mom is weird and she loves the show . She watches the local animation together with my little cousins and sometimes by herself .

Mom’s already 48 years old this year . Despite how she looks and what age she’s getting into ; she will always acts like a funny innocent youngster . Her cheerful faces occasionally make us forget that she’s a cancer patient . Plus , her childish behavior did affects us ; her daughters . We became playful too but only when we’re with her and particular groups of people .

These behaviors of naming object , watching cartoons , talking to things, etc. ; they are a collection of good memories that Mom leaves for us to be remembered . It is undeniable that we grew up differently from some other kids but we have what they might not own . When I was a kid, I cursed myself for the dissimilarities of my life compared to my friends . Now I can’t feel grateful enough. If The Almighty didn't write my whole story in this way ; I wouldn't be me . I would never see how a woman could be stronger than anyone’s expectation in a female race . Mom showed the magic tricks to me . God opened my eyes for me to see it clearly , in a method that only I could understand .

P/S: Happy belated birthday, M

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