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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sarcastic Stories

I have 3 sarcastic stories to share.

My shorty sis in-law keep asking me, “going to HUKM everyday by what ha?”
Me: “Kalau tiket flight habis, sometimes i'm going by sampan...”
I'm travel everyday to HUKM from Seremban.

My anak drive a long way to Kulai to attend her friend's wedding. Then, she text me, “Geram betul. Aduyai, ada Lamboghini lak lalu sebelah adik...”
Me: “Fortunately it's Lambo. Kalau basikal lalu laju sebelah adik, lagi teruk!”
My anak car is Kancil 660cc
Her kancil name is Tambelina @ Tamtam.

My another anak drive my white saga, name Shiro-chan.
Mula-mula bawa Shiro, dia pandu dengan sangat perlahan.
Suddenly, one guy with his bycyle pass-by and keep smiling all the way.

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